Monday, November 26, 2007

Is this the same Devin Hester that went to the U?

Again on Sunday, Devin Hester pulled another game out of the fire for the Chicago Bears. Hester returned both a kick and punt for touchdowns in the 37-34 win for the Bears in overtime against the Broncos.

Where did this guy come from, oh ya, the U. While Hester went to the U, playing was another matter, every week it was a hamstring injury or some kind of groin issue, but with the Bears there has been nothing like that. Every time you turn around he is doing something crazy.

So far while with the Bears, he has been the special teams maven return missed field goals, kicks and punts for touchdowns. Hester now has 11 touchdown runbacks -- six punts, four kickoffs and a missed field goal. During his collegiate career in which he returned six kicks for TDs (two kickoffs, four punts.

So every time Hester does something special its only a manner of time before someone from the Only Time Will Tell Tailgating crew calls and says "Where did Hester go to school?''

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