Sunday, November 18, 2007

Professional Tailgating: Last Call

The home season has come and gone.

Rutgers wrapped up their home season with a win over the greatest mustache in college football and improved their bowl standing. So the Only Time Will Tell tailgating crew braved cold weather and getting up early to attend the final game. What a great year it has been.

Tailgating takes dedication and getting up earlier

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump enjoys some great looking eggs.

Timmy Chang's Passing Records shows everyone the perfect way to make eggs, while taking two hours.

Now that is what I call a balanced breakfast

Endy in the Outfields loves the Jimmy Dean's sausage

"I think that the bathroom is around here somewhere,'' said Timmy Chang's Passing Records

The next great state University of New Jersey recruit

Making the walk for the final time

On Senior Day, the crowd also say good bye to the Knight's horse, now its glue time

Endy in the Outfield points out a piece of food that the Knight has caught in his teeth

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