Wednesday, November 21, 2007

More then 51 million pounds can get you an overated French Striker

With the transfer market getting ready to open again at the end of the year, it makes you wonder about how much some players have cost over the years. One of the players that jumps out at you is the sulky French striker Nicolas Anelka. The current French and Bolton striker has cost a staggering more then 51 million pounds in transfer fees over the years. Not bad for a player, who has all of the talent in the world and a bad attitude to match. Over the years Anelka has failed to live up to his great potential.

The transfer fee for the Frenchmen started low when Arsenal paid PSG only 500,000 pounds for the player in 1997. That then jumped when Real Madrid paid the Gunners 23 million pounds. The Anelka European Tour continued when went he signed with PSG for an undisclosed fee. After being loaned at to Liverpool, Anelka then head for Manchester City for 13 million pounds.

At this point you would think that the Frenchmen was sick of moving and would want to start to settle down. But after three years with the citizens the Frenchmen was on the move again heading this time to Fenerbahce for 7 million pounds.

Anelka then moved to his current home Bolton for 8 million pounds. Over the years Anelka has cost more then great players such as Luis Figo, who during his time has only cost 41.2 million pounds.

If I was betting man I would say that he will be moving again in the next transfer window for 10 million more pounds adding another stop on the Anelka European Tour.

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