Thursday, November 15, 2007

My Name is on Your Shirt

One of the biggest difference between American and European sports are teams put sponsors on the front of their jersey in order to raise money for their clubs. Over the last couple of years the amount of money that teams have been spending has grown out of control and so have the shirt deals.

According to a recently released report by European marking group: Sport+Markt, the numbers continue to grow. This year in the EPL teams are making $142.9 million in revenue from jersey sponsorships, while the next highest is Germany with $140 million.

The top six clubs in sponsorship deals are also no surprise:
  1. Manchester United: AIG: $30.5 million
  2. Bayern Munich: T-Home: $29.3 million
  3. Real Madrid: Bwin: $21.9 million
  4. Chelski: Samsung: $21.2 million
  5. AC Milan: Bwin: $17.5 million
  6. Schalke 04: Gazprom: $17.5 million

It makes you wonder why United States sports don't do this. How great would it be for the Mets to have a great big Citi Bank logo on the front of their jersey. Hey it might even allow them to afford a new starting pitcher.

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Anonymous said...

Haha very funny, the Mets with a Citi logo on their jerseys. Your just jealous that no one would want to sponsor the shitty team in Washington DC.