Wednesday, November 14, 2007

How the mighty have fallen

During the 2000 NCAA tournament the talk of college basketball was Tommy Amaker and getting the 10th seeded Seton Hall to the Sweet 16, seven year later Amaker is now coaching in the Ivy League. Like fellow former duke assistant Quin Snyder, who started off like gang busters at Missouri and then flamed out, Amaker has had his share of issues.

After just one tournament bid in his four years in East Orange, Amaker packed his bags and head off to the Big Ten and Michigan. When he arrived he was greeted with a program that was still in the process of climbing out of probation. Then the Michigan administration decided that they have had enough of Amaker and over the summer decided to fire him.

Now Amaker and his mock turtle necks can be found coaching in less then 2,000 seat gym (below) in Boston, coaching Harvard.
Seven years ago he was the talk of the world now Amaker is coaching a team that expects to finish mid table in the Ivy League.

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