Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Putting a positive spin on a bad game

Every week college football coaches head into the studio to talk about the game that they just played on their weekly coaches show. But for some its harder to put a positive spin on things then others.
On a Saturday morning there is nothing better to do than sit down in front of the TV and watch coaches explain what happened the week before.

While its easy for Bob Stoops, Mack Brown and Urban Meyer to sit down and talk about all of the positives that came from the game, the humor of watching these shows comes from listening to coaches like Charlie Wies (above), Greg Robinson, and Bill Doba explain why they lost the game.

This week on the Notre Dame Football Show with Charlie Weis, the gang reviewed the Irish's performance in State College. One of the great things to come out of the show, was Weis said that their performance against Penn State was better then their performance against Georgia Tech, which is really not saying. Another interesting point from the show that was that Penn State Speedster Derrick Williams was limited to one catch during the game, but he did have a game changing punt return.
So as you see, college football coaches show can feature their own little bit of comedy.

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