Friday, September 28, 2007

Does anyone remember Jason Gwaltney?

Recruiting is an inexact science and that was no different in 2005. Some of the hot shot recruits from the class have been making an impact on college campuses for the last couple of years while some have yet to hit the mark, while other have been run from college like Jason Gwaltney (picture above).
Here is a little look back at some of the hits and miss from that class.

  • Rey Maualuga, USC, linebacker: At the time the 5th rank in the class has been a warrior for USC and one of their best players over the last couple of years.
  • Jonathan Stewart, Oregon, running back: At the the 10 ranked prospects in the class, has become one of the best running backs in the country and has helped lead the Ducks to their best start in years.
  • DeSean Jackson, Cal, wide receiver: At the time, the 18 ranked prospect in the class. Has become Mr. Electric for the Golden Bears and has been one of the best players on the left coast.
  • Darren McFadden, Arkansas, running back (pictured): At the time, the 23 ranked prospect in the class. I have a man crush on Mr. McFadden. He has made hog's game interesting to watch, which is something to be said.
  • James Davis, Clemson, Running back: At the time, the 42 ranked prospect in the class. Has been one of the best players from the class.


  • Jason Gwaltney, running back: Was ranked 15 in the class when he came out Long Island. Ended up going to West Virginia and flunking out. At onetime considered a better player that Mr. McFadden.
  • Fred Rouse, UTEP, wide receiver (pictured): At the time the 6th ranked prospect in the class. As a true freshman made a huge impact at FSU, but then was kicked off the team. Now trying to put his career back together.
  • Derrick Williams, Penn State, wide receiver: He was the king in high school, the top ranked player in all of the land. Williams might not be a miss yet, but he has yet to set the Big Ten on fire like he was supposed to. So as you see recruiting can be a difficult to predict.


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jason gwaltney is playign at kean university a d3 school in nj

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Gwaltney looked real strong and sharp in his first game at Kean, but had his ankle broken by a CB after breaking a large run in the second quarter where he broke 4 or 5 tackles in the backfield. He was about to do some serious damage down at Kean in D3. He looked untacklable.