Wednesday, September 26, 2007

The Air Raid Offense puts up better stats then a PlayStation game

Every year, Texas Tech puts up PlayStation type numbers, but this year they have taken it to another level. Red shirt freshman Michael Crabtree (pictured above) has become the poster child for the next generation of the Air Raid Nation.
So far this season, Crabtree leads the nation in receiving: 4 games, 52 catches, 775 yards, 11 touchdowns. Yes 11 touchdowns.That is almost three touchdowns a game. OK I have a NCAA 07 football dynasty with Rutgers and Kenny Britt leads the nation in receiving and he's only averaging two touchdowns a game and that is in a video game.
Besides Crabtree, senior Texas Tech receiver Danny Amendola is also in the top five in the country in receiving. So far Amendola has 40 catches for 522 yards and 3 touchdowns.
To understand the Air Raid offense you have to understand the man that created this mess, head coach Mike Leach.
In the 2005 Sports Illustrated College Football preview edition, Leach broke his offense down like this:

"Distributing the ball to all the different skill players is our biggest emphasis," says Leach. "We're not a team that hands it to one guy and throws it to two. We want all five skill positions to touch the ball."

No matter who plays, they all get their stats.

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