Sunday, May 13, 2007

The Drama of the Final Day

There is no drama like the final day of the EPL season and this year it was no different, as superman aka Carlos Tevez led West Ham United to survival, while Wigan beat Sheffield United, leading them to staying up and sending Sheffield to the Coca Cola Championship. Here are a couple of photos that sum up the drama of the day.
Superman after the final whistle sounds

They joys of staying up for the Hammers

Wigan avoid the drop and Paul Jewel is just a little happy,
so are the fans of the little club that could.

While the Blades face a year in the Fizzy Pop League

While at the other end of the league United get their trophy back

After last years World Cup few thought we would see this
The drama of the final day is spelled out here and it's well worth reading.

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