Thursday, April 26, 2007

This ranch is not big enough for the both of us

Over the past decade Mel Kiper has had the NFL Draft all to him self, but this year that has all changed. ESPN has brought in Todd McShay, Scout Inc., to help out with the NFL Draft. Kiper and McShay are totally different.

Here is a break down of how they stack up.

Hair Color:
McShay (left): Dark Brown
Kiper (right): black hair with lots of gel in it. Makes an Pedro Martinez gerry curly look clean.

McShay: nice and mellow
Kiper: a voice that only Bill Tobin could love

Playing Experience
McShay: Tried to walk on at the University of Richmond, and was a little used defensive back
Kiper: Never put on a jock

Interesting Tidbit
McShaw: Scott Van Pelt has yet to nail his impression of him.
Kiper: He has stated that he eats a slice of pumpkin pie everyday for breakfast.

As you see the end of Kiper is coming and coming fast and GMs all over the NFL thank you.

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