Monday, April 23, 2007

Hey everyone makes mistakes

Ryan Anderson, Carlos Pena, Joe Borchard, Drew Henson (pictured), and Dennis Tankersly. Those are the prospects that were ranked ahead of 2006 American League MVP Justin Morneau in the 2002 list of prospects. Baseball people say that scouting is an inexact science and boy were they right with this class. While some in the class like Josh Beckett, Hank Blalock, Joe Mauer Mark Teixeria, and Jake Peavy have made a huge impact on the came, the group is dotted with train wrecks and in Henson and Borchard two over rated quarterbacks.
Here is a list of some of the top 15 prospects from the Top 100 list:
  1. Josh Beckett Marlins
  2. Hank Blalock Rangers
  3. Sean Burroughs Padres
  4. Nick Johsnon Yankees
  5. Mark Prior Cubs
  6. Wilson Betemit Braves
  7. Juan Cruz Cubs
  8. Ryan Anderson Mariners
  9. Joe Borchard White Sox
  10. Mark Teixeira Rangers
  11. Nick Neugerbauer Brewers
  12. Carlos Pena Rangers
  13. Jon Rauch White Sox
  14. Dennis Tankersley Padres
  15. Drew Henson Yankees

Hey on some list Morneau was behind New Jersey native Jack Cust, ya I have no clue who he is either. The Nationals have two of the top 15 on this list and they are not named Teixeria and Beckett, that might explain why they are so bad.

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