Tuesday, March 06, 2007

Stick to Radio, Mike and Mike

With College Basketball taking up much of the television time this weekend, you can not help but checking out the AFL on the ESPN family of networks with Mike Golic and Mike Greenberg. The duo, who do the morning drive time slot on ESPN Radio, might be the worst announcers in the history of TV. I never thought that I would ever say this but please send Mark Jones back.
During the 20 minutes that I could stomach, and that was with drinking, I heard the duo touch on such topics as Golic giving up sweets for Lent, The Green and Gold End zones, Greeny getting ready to retire if he was ever hit into the boards.

The local radio station that carries their radio show in New York gave out Green and Gold T-shirts and gave them to people in the end zones, so one end zone had green the other had gold. During the game Greenberg said that there were more green shirts then gold ones and Golic then said "That is because all of the people wearing the Gold shirts were at the concession stand.''

At one point the two started talking about ski, that lead to Golic saying that he only uses the bunny slopes, to which Greenberg said that Golic would scary all of the bunnies away.

All of their jokes were totally hack. The funny thing was it was not the worst show on TV, that award goes to Andrew Dice Clay's new show.

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BGN said...

I totally agree... but I fail to see how it was any different than their daily radio show? It's the same hack jokes and shtick. If they brought the same ESPN personalities all the time into the ALF booth the interview, it would probably be exactly like their radio show.

That's my favorite part by the way... when they act as if they've "scored" an interview with Gammons or Schlereth...