Friday, March 09, 2007

Pimpin' in the ACC

College Basketball coaches like to wear their school colors. From ties to Bruce Weber's orange crush sport jacket. But no ones takes it to another level like current North Carolina State head coach Sidney Lowe (above) . During the first round of the ACC Tournament last night against Duke, Lowe was on the State sidelines sporting his best in Suge Knight (below) wear, a blood red sport coach. While wearing the coat this season, Lowe has beaten North Carolina and Duke.
As a fan of the ACC I would like to thank you for bringing Pimpin to the ACC, cause we all know that Coach K would never bring it.

Red Coat Update: Lowe found a really good cleaners in the Tampa area and was again sporting the coat during the 'Packs quarterfinal against Virginia.
Red Coat Update #2: The coat lives on. Wolfpack beat Virginia and now in the tourney semifinals. At this rate Lowe will need to have the dry cleaners on speed dial.

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