Friday, March 16, 2007

The Great History of Purple Eagle basketball

Day two of the tournament can mean only one thing Billy Packer and Jim Nantz and during the night session everyone was treated to history lesson.
Here are the highlights of the night session of Day Two:

  • I did not know that Niagara had the basketball history of North Carolina and Kansas. During the NU and Kansas game Packer went on a 20 minute rant about the historic Larry Costello, I have no clue who is.
  • After being spared the rest of Packer history lesson, the Philly market was taken out to New Mexico State and Texas and that can mean only one thing former Mike and the Mad Dog sports updater Ian Eagle. Is it wrong to want to take a shower after Eagles says that someone is "stroking it."
  • If New Mexico State wants to be a big time program they have to learn to wear the same color t-shirt and jersey combo. They went with the always popular maroon jersey and black shirt look and that is why they are now at home.
  • Can someone please tell Reggie Theus to bring back the jerry curls.

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