Thursday, February 22, 2007

The Las Vegas Stars

With the NBA All Star game behind us, the idea of putting a team in Sin City is being discussed and I could not be happier. The idea of putting a team in Vegas could be comedy gold. Could you image Stephen Jackson in Vegas for home games, this could be a great idea?

Introducing your Las Vegas Stars:

The Starting Five
  • Point Guard: Jamal Tinsley (pictured): grew up in the ghetto and is always in trouble in both Canada and the United States.
  • Shooting Guard: Stephen Jackson: do I really need to stay anything. Please check out his My Space page.
  • Small Forward: Ron Artest: I really do not want to explain.
  • Power Forward: Eddie Griffin. Forward Seton Hall star would be great in Vegas with his drinking problem.
  • Center: Olden Polynice: He might be retired but there is always need for wife beaters on any team.


  • Richard Dumas, SG/SF: Retired, love the coke.
  • DeShawn Stevenson, SG: Statutory rape is always something that GMs should look at.
  • Qyntel Woods, SG: Dog fighting now that will fly in Vegas.
  • Tony Battie, PF: Beating up a police officer, I think that might be allowed in Vegas.

Here is a list of other players that a new Vegas team could also look at.

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