Monday, December 18, 2006

A letter to Andy Reid

Dec. 19, 2006

Dear Andy Reid
Head Coach Philadelphia Eagles

Subject: Thanks for destroying Christmas

On behalf of my family I would like to thank you for god damn ruining my families Christmas.

Four weeks ago, my family celebrated when we knew that the Christmas Day game Dallas game would meaning nothing. Hey at that point Donovan was lost for the season and we turned to everyone favorite midget quarterback Jeff Garcia to save the season. We all thought the season was going to be lost and we wish it were. Then Garcia beats Carolina on Monday Night, beats Washington and then beats the Giants.

Wow thanks a lot, now we have to deal with family members screaming at the TV about T.O., Uncle Steve drinking Natural Ice all day till he throws up all over little Johnnie’s new Elmo doll, and all of the children in the family learning new Christmas songs that include the works T.O. and sucks. Then if they loose I have to run all over the house to hide all of the sharp objects, downers and tell them that its not the right decision to jump off the Ben Franklin Bridge.

I hope that you and yours have the same miserable Christmas and thanks again for destroying our holiday season.

Wives all over the Philadelphia area

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