Sunday, December 17, 2006

Isaiah doing what he does best

For the last couple of years, the Knicks have been led by a total goof ball. Since taking over Isaiah Thomas has over the Knicks have became one of the greatest jokes in sports, in line with the Clipper of the late 90s, Buccaneers of the early 80s and the Royals over the last decade. No one thought it could hit rock bottom, but on Saturday night it did. With his team trailing by 20 by to the Nuggets, Thomas told members of the team to commit hard fouls if they had a chance, according to published reports. Marty Collins listen to his head coach horse collaring JR Smith late in the fourth quarter, the NFL would have flagged Collins for a horse collar tackle. After the foul all the fun started. Smith went back at Collins and then everyones favorite Gary Coleman look a like Nate Robinson got involved and tackled Smith, sparking the flash point. While all of this was going on, Melo Anthony hit Collins in the face, with a slap/punch.

Some say that Melo should get the book thrown at him, but Thomas should get at least a ten game suspension in his role in this, but that might be a good thing for the knicks. They might win eight of 10 with him away.

After everything was finished, Thomas addressed the media and said that Nuggets players deserved it because they were still on the floor when they were up by 20 and Smith should not have tried to dunk on them again.

Ok, lets get one thing straight, this is not Pee Wee football, CYO basketball, everyone is making millions and if you are getting beat by 20 take it like a man, do not order your thugs to hurt a player on the other team. The best thing about this situation is that Knicks owner Charles Dolan loves Isaiah and thinks that he is doing a great job. With the East being so bad there is a very really shot that they will be in the playoffs and lord help us all. So that could mean only one thing more of Zeke next year, what a great idea.

By the way, good way to celebrate your 150 loss with the organization Isaiah. Many more to you.

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