Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WWE Classic Fail

For the last year, I have been subscribing to WWE Classics on Demand and for the most part its been great. I love reliving some of the old classic matches from WWE, WCW, ECW, and WCCW. Every time I put it on its like a trip down memory lane.

So this month, when I looked at the events on offer one caught my WCW Sin. It was one of the final PPV events that WCW put together. The card was a mess and the story lines where all over the place, which was typical for that time in the WCW.

But the real reason, I wanted to see it was the main event between Sid ViciousJeff Jarrett, WCW World Champion Scott Steiner and a "mystery opponent" for the WCW World Heavyweight Championship in a Four Corners match. The match begins with only three competitors, without the mystery opponent. Vicious gains the advantage over Jarrett and Steiner in the start of the match, but was then double-teamed by Jarrett and Steiner. As Vicious is making a come back into the match, he attempts an aerial maneuver, which is unsuccessfully performed as he slips on the turnbuckle legitimately fracturing his leg. The injury is one of the worst that I had ever seen. I wanted to watch it and see how it played in the match and how it was handled by the announcers. 

Below is the real incident as it was shown on the PPV

Lets just say I never got that chance. The producers and editors at WWE Classic decided not to show the incident that led to Sid breaking his ankle. All you see is Sid on his back, with no idea how he got there except one of the announcers saying that he serious hurt leg. 

As shown on WWE classics

I understand that WWE wants to be all PG, but to not showing an incident that happens because you don't think that it works is just wrong especially when its part of ppv channel. 

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