Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Maybe it's time to start the list

With the Eagles starting to look like the laughing stock of the league it's time look for a new leader. Here are my top guys:
1. John Gruden: MNF color commentator: Super Bowl winning coach enough said.
2. Sean Payton: Saints head coach: will be costly but well worth it.
3. Mike McCoy (pictured above): Denver offensive coordinator: Last year he made Tim Tebow look like an NFL qb and now this year he has changed everything and is working with Payton Manning. Could be the perfect coach for a team with a young qb. McCoy is the guy that I want, if Gruden and Payton take a pass and go somewhere else. He was the Only Time Will Tell seal of approval.
4. Perry Fewell: Giants defensive coordinator: Hiring from a rival might be a little hard, but Fewell has been really respected around the league and could be the defensive coach the fan base wants.
5. Chip Kelly: Oregon head coach: Kelly spoke to the Bucs last year about their opening and is very highly regarding in NFL circles.

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