Saturday, August 11, 2012

Weekend Soccer Notes

With most leagues a week away from starting. There was still plenty going on around the soccer world from the Olympic Gold Medal game to the FA Community Shield to the German Super Cup. Here are some thoughts on each game.

Olympic Gold Medal Game
• As a United fan, not surprised by the mistake by Rafael. Great talent but he makes a ton of mistakes and some can be costly. I remember him being sent off against Munich in the Champions League and it cost us the tie.
• I wonder if making a sub at the 40 minute mark is a panic move looks like it to me for Brazil
• Shocked by how little urgency Brazil have shown in this match. It's like they don't care.
• it just seems like Brazil is never going to win an Olympic gold in soccer. It just seems it never will happen.

FA Community Shield
• Lots of empty seats at Villa Park. I guess people in the area don't care about the game.

German Super Cup
• Dortmund looked lost. Like they are missing something.
• Meanwhile Bayern look like they could have a special year.

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