Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Scouting report: Natural Knee Bender

Name: The Moose
Height: 2 ft 6 inches
Weight: 29 pounds
Head: 19 3/4
Position: Left Tackle
40 yard dash time: Depends on what type of lawn tractor is chasing him
Positives: Being short, Huba has a low center of gravity. He is explosive like a choo choo. He is also explosive when food is shown to him. Loves being outside, so practice should not be an issue. He is a natural knee bender.
Negatives: limited football knowledge and lack of potty training make him a project. Easily distracted by Elmo dolls, trains, and lolly pops, so his focused has been questioned. Still naps, which might make him miss afternoon practices and 1 p.m. games. Wants to be paid his signing bonus in lolly pops. His large head makes finding a helmet for him a challenge.
Draft position: third rounder

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