Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Paging Jeff Fisher or Mr. Gruden

photo credit Dan McQuade
 For the last three years, I have defended the actions of Andy Reid to all of my friends. From the text messages calling him a "fat piece of shit" to the ones questioning his playing calling in the red zone.

I have been a member of Team Reid, but Sunday afternoon sitting in Ralph Wilson Stadium that all changed. While sitting in section 316 it hit me, this is not a football game but rather a funeral for a once proud coach. My buddy looked at me at the time and was like "I know its over if you are not supporting him anymore."

Reid has been a fantastic coach for the Birds. He led the Eagles to five NFC championship games, including four consecutive appearances from 2001-2004 and to Super Bowl in 2004. His career record is 119-71-1 with 7 division titles. The only thing lacking from his resume is a Super Bowl ring and in Philly that is the only thing that matters.

Despite his success, Reid will never been truly loved by the football mad fans of Philly. Most fans want a guy, like Rex Ryan, that gives great sound bits during press conference. That was never Reid, his classic: "I have to do a better job preparing my team" comment is mocked all around the Eagles Nations. Its gotten so bad that his press conference are now subject of drinking games because he says the same thing week after week.

At the start of the season, the Bird went all in to win a Super Bowl and now it appears they went all in with nothing. The season is turning into a train wreck and has made Reid look like he has lost the team. So after 13 years of coaching this team its time for a change. I think that Andy can still coach, but its time for him to move on just like what happened with Tony Dungy in Tampa. There comes a time when it's just not working anymore and we have gotten there. I'm so much in support of the getting rid of Andy Reid that I joined the "Andy Reid Must Go"  and "Fire Andy Reid" groups on Facebook, something a couple of months ago I would have never thought of.

If Andy gets another job and returns to Linc, I would be one of the first people to stand up and give him the standing ovation that he deserves for his time here. Its sad that it has come to this. Its time to swing for the fences and go out and get either Jon Gruden or Jeff Fisher to coach this team.

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