Friday, September 30, 2011

ESPN's Next College Football Star

First it was Kirk Herbstreit, now ESPN is in the process of grooming their next college football television star. If you have watched David Pollack's career at ESPN over the last couple of years, you have to think that he is set to be a major force on the four letter network over the next coupe of years.

Pollack's broadcasting career starting in Sept. 9, 2008, after a neck injury forced him to retire from football, as an afternoon sports talk host on Atlanta's 790 The Zone. Also in 2008, Pollack began studio work for CBS's college football coverage. He also is a college football analyst for ESPNU.

Pollack's big chance happened this year, he was selected to be part of the traveling road show that is know as College Game. Also he is a host on the Palmer and Pollack show, which is 2.5 hours long on ESPNU.

While the show is great, being part of College GameDay has served as Pollack's big break. He has been a standout when he has appeared on GameDay and has done a great job breaking down things, he adds a passion that sometimes is lost on people. I heard him on Sirius XM Radios 24/7 College Sports Radio with Bill King a couple of weeks ago and came away very impressed. During the interview, no matter the topic, he had a view on the subject from conference expansion to LSU.

With Lee Corson starting to get up there in age, could David Pollack be the perfect replacement for him on College GameDay. I have no idea what ESPN is going to do, but they could do a lot worst then having Pollack, join Fowler and Herbstreit on a full time basis.


Ken Harris said...

Not so fast! Instead of replacing Corso, let's retire Lou Holtz. He's a great legend, but he's becoming increasingly hard to understand with his speech sounding like his dental work is in the way. David Pollack will be the next star wherever he lands- he's that good.

Joe Wolf's Vertical Jump said...

Not saying that Corso has to go. I hate Holtz too, he brings nothing to the show with Mark May. But moving to that show would not be a big jump for Pollack. You can make the case Pollack is the best that ESPN has right now.