Sunday, August 21, 2011

Professional Tailgating: A trip to Expo's Mecca

For Expos fan, a trip to see the Harrisburg Senators is a like a trip to mecca. For years the Senators have played a key role in player development and that appears to be continuing with Strasburg and Harper suiting up for the them over the last couple of years

Senators = Championships
 Brandon Phillips once part of the doomed Bartolo Colon deal
 You know its Minor League Baseball when the kids are warming up with the players
 Vlad near I say anything else. The banners around the stadium show how many great players that have come through Harrisburg
 Somewhere Phillies rookie pitcher Michael Stutes is smiling 
 Downtown Harrisburg
Also during the game the Senator's gave out t-shirts honoring their 25th anniversary team, later in the look we will take a look at that, I do have some issues with their picks.

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