Wednesday, July 06, 2011

A different kind of sports language

Sports are full of different types of terminology. Some of its stupid, while others are fun and interesting. Nascar has its own type of terminology, when it comes to superspeedways like Daytona. Nascar's superspeedways terminology sounds like a gay porno.

If a newcomer to the sport tuned in for the first time on Saturday, they would think that announcers were reading a script for a gay porno instead of calling a race. Every other word out of commentators mouth was either "hooked up", "from behind", or "pushing." At one point one of the commentators said that "Mark Martin like to be the pusher", now that sounds really gay.

What could make the race sound gayer, the talk of lube and yes the race on Saturday night had that too. The commentators said that the front and backs of the cars have grease on them so they don't get stuck together. Its ok to laugh, cause I was all night as the race was going on.

For all of the talk of how macho NASCAR, their superspeedway terminology is a little on the gay side.

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