Sunday, March 13, 2011

Just win more games and you will get in

Stop Crying Seth and win more
So the bracket of 68 has been made and now everyone is complaining about one thing or the other. For one they have nothing to complain about. I hear so "experts" complaining about VCU and UAB getting in over Colorado, 'Bama, and Va Tech.

In a year where college basketball has be down and the level of play has been terrible, no one has a right to complain about not getting in. Colorado could have won more games, 'Bama don't get beat by St. Peters, and Va Tech just stop.

My real problem here is with Seth Greenberg and Va Tech. Every year, hours after the selections committee has made its pick, Seth Greenberg is on TV talking about his team got shafted and this year is no different. The show is getting kind of old. Hey Seth how about going out and winning a couple of more games and stop leaving it up to the committee. You play in the ACC and have chances for big wins and maybe you should take advantage of it.

So in the end no one has anything to complain about, the teams that where left out should have done one thing and they would not have to worry about anything, Just win more games and take it out of the hands of the committee.

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