Monday, March 07, 2011

Craig Burley owes Nani something

While yesterday was not the greatest day to be a Manchester United fan, it was made worst by  the action of TV Commentator Craig Burley on FSC. During the game Jamie Carragher slide into Nani with studs showing creating a huge gash on the Portuguese winger leg. After the tackle Nani went down and check then injury and then went running over to the ref asking for a red card and then falling down again in pain.

While this was all going on Burley went off on the winger questioning his tactics and basically calling him a cheat. After the match was over photos came out that showed the severity of the Nani injury, it looked like someone took  a knife to his leg.

The one thing that got lost on Burley was the fact that Carragher should have been shown the door for his tackle, it was studs up and high, not at one point during this rant did Burley go off on Carragher for the irresponsible challenge. I think that has something to do with Carragher being English, but that is another story for another day.

While I'm not saying Nani was in the right in his actions, but Burley was not right to question the players injury and he should apologize for his comments. 


Anonymous said...

Shocking challenge and Carragher should have seen red but something to do with Carragher being English?!?! A little research into British history will probably change your mind regards the Scottish feeling towards the an aside, Braveheart is a good movie.

Anonymous said...

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