Thursday, March 24, 2011

Blast from the past

While watching the Kentucky/West Virginia game over the weekend, one thing kept going through my head, what ever happened to former uber recruit, Jonathan Hargett.

Hargett was John Wall before John Wall was in high school. Hargett was the type of player that was supposed to turn the 'Neers back into a great basketball program.

Hargett was amazing. He attended four high schools in four years, including stops at nationally renowned Mount Zion Christian Academy in North Carolina as a junior and National Christian Academy in Fort Washington, Md.

These are the words of The Draft Review on Hargett: "Few guards enjoyed the buzz Hargett received as he entered college. Much of this had to do with his jaw dropping athleticism and spectacular body frame. At 5-11 Hargett’s body resembled a compact linebacker. Many thought his game was tailor made for the NBA; some even thought he would be the first point guard to jump to the pros."

But his time in Morgantown was a failure complete with an NCAA investigation into his relationship with a mentor, forcing him to declare for the NBA Draft.  During his time at WVU,  Hargett averaged 13.8 points a game in his 26 games played, while shooting a little above 30 percent from the floor.

Hargett went undrafted and no one seems to know where he is playing or is. Hargett was supposed to be Superman and little did anyone know that he would be a total bust.

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