Thursday, February 10, 2011

Finally the '94 Expos are crowned champions

As an Expos fan, the 1994 team holds a special place in my heart. They were the best team in baseball when the strike hit, ending my dreams of seeing Youppi's gang crowned World Series Champions. But now Baseball America Columnist Jim Callis has made that dream come true, i know it happened in sometime of internet game but its still a title. During the course of the last week, Callis has been tweeting about this historic win:

  • My 1994 Expos swept the 1931 A's in the World Series of S-O-M celebration. Too bad they didn't get chance to win in real life
  • My 1994 Expos have advanced to the World Series in the S-O-M celebration run by Not the biggest sports result tonight, I know
  • Mike Lansing with the game-winning single in the bottom of ninth of Game Four at Olympic Stadium. Go crazy, Montreal! You too,
As the tweets came rolling in I could not think but get emotional, the thought of Mike Lansing, Wetland, Pedro, Larry Walker, Sean Berry running around The Big O with the trophy is an amazing. So thanks you Jim Callis, somewhere Youppi is smiling after hearing the news.

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