Thursday, January 27, 2011

Everyone hates CBS College Sports

Last night was CBS College Sports time to shine with them showing BYU and San Diego State in the game of the year in the Mountain West Conference, but instead of shining the network laid a huge egg. All over twitter last night college basketball fans were throwing a fit about the telecast.

Here are sampling of some of the hate that was being thrown around CBS College Sports and color guy Steve Lappas last night on Twitter:
  • sportsguy33, Bill Simmons: "Szezcerbiak! Abdelnaby! It's the Not Quite March Madness Halftime show on Not Quite CBS!"
  • mz734, Andrew: "RT @sharapovasthigh: RT @sportspickle: CBS College Sports is trending. The Internet has reached the peak of its potential."
  • TheCoolSub,Jonathan Gold: "This is just marvelous. RT @doctorgc: Steve Lappas increasingly sounds like Lorraine Bracco in Goodfellas #SteveLappas"
  • EdwardFLewis, Edward Lewis: "OK we're midway through the first half and the only thing Ive learned is CBS College Sports' color commentator is awful. 15-15 tie in Provo."
  • AubreyBloom247, Aubrey Bloom: "If Gus Johnson were doing this game the "rise and fire" count would be at about 20 already. Also, terrible job mic'ing up the crowd CBS.''
So in there moment to show the country that they are a legit college sports station, CBS College Sports dropped the ball and ended up being a laughing stock.

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