Wednesday, November 24, 2010

A View from the North on the Iron Bowl

I consider myself to be very knowledgeable and passionate about college football, but in my wildest dreams I have never experience the passion of the game like I have this week. During the last week, I have been listening to the Paul Finebaum Radio Network for my college football talk on the way home from work and boy has it opened it my eyes to the hate in the Auburn/Alabama rivalry. For the last couple of days, the radio has been fantastic with the lunatics on both sides of the game yelling at each other.

Having a show like Finebaum's, which is based in Alabama, allows people like me to see the other side of college football and the passion that two very loyal fan basis have. The passion is fantastic, as a Rutgers season ticket holder, I wish that the Knights would have another group to fight like this. This game defines the state of Alabama and its residents. When you are born in that state you are born on a side of the rivalry. During this week on the program, people have been talking about classic Iron Bowl games, and making fun of the others teams boosters, ex-coaches, and former ADs.

The passion for the game is spelled out by former Auburn David Housel speech a bunch of years back, which I heard on Tuesday's Finebaum show.

With no pro sports in the state, this is the only thing they have and I would like to thank XM for allowing people who live in the northeast to see what the rivalry is like through Finebaum's show.

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