Sunday, October 03, 2010

Inches from being a hero

When Jason Avent got both hands on Kevin Kolb's hail mary pass at the end of the game , all I kept thinking was wow he is going to be a hero. But when Avent could not come down with it, I knew the hate would come.
I'm not going to hate on Kolb, but I am going to say this, young qb takes time and Kolb needs that time. Troy Aikman was talking about Kolb not seeing the field correctly today and he was right because Vick has been getting all of the reps and action. If Vick is to be gone for sometime then all Eagles fans are going to have to support Kolb or this is going to get bad. As for Mc5, it was weird seeing him redskins colors but in the end his performance was not one to go nuts about.
At 2-2 the season is not over and we have to remember that. So let's get down off the bridges and get on board for the rest of the season.
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