Monday, August 02, 2010

Prospects = Merchandise Money

First it was Jayson Hayward, then it was Mike Stanton, then Strasburg, and now Dominic Brown. What do all four have in common. These are arguably the best four prospects in baseball who have made their major league debuts this year, but besides that they have been making a ton of money for their big league clubs since the first day they walked on the field.

While people complain about the Internet, it has been a great marking tool for major league baseball when it comes to getting people ready for the next generation of stars in the game. If there was no Internet would any know about Staton or Brown, but because of it people have been able to check on them on a daily basis, which means when they came up people are wanting any type of jersey or shirt with their name on it.

The first day after Strasburg first start I order a t-shirt jersey of the stud. Despite it being the first day, the shirt was still on back order and came about five weeks later.

Then Brown made his major league debut on Wednesday night and then the fun happened. He hit an RBI double in his first at-bat, scoring Jayson Werth, and scored his first run on a fielder's choice by Wilson Valdez. He notched his second hit with a single in his third at-bat, scoring again on a double by Carlos Ruiz. So I went to the Phillies game on Thursday night and in one of the clubhouse stores there were a bunch of Brown t-shirt jerseys and people where buying them up and at $25 a piece the Phillies were making some coin.

The same thing happened to Hayward at the start of the year. Without the Internet would baseball fans be so willing to fork out money for any minor league player that comes up, I think not, but with people knowing in advance about these players they are a little more willing to spend their money and make a ton of money for their major league teams.

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