Wednesday, July 07, 2010

Ian Darke, Twitter Hero

The World Cup has had a huge impact on the American TV viewers from, the games featuring the United States to great games, but one person has become the voices of the tournament in the United States and a twitter hero, Ian Darke. For years Darke has been one of the voices of the Premier League for Sky Sports, this summer he joined ESPN to help with their World Cup coverage and has been hit.

Here are some of the tweets from some of Darke's new fans:

  • ArashMarkaz: I can't help but think of ESPN's Ian Darke while watching this NBA free agency madness. "This is stranger than fiction."
  • tyduffy: Can we trade Joe Buck for Ian Darke? If England won't accept that, can we just give them Joe Buck?
  • JakeAppleman I'll watch the LeBron thing if ESPN incorporates both Ian Darke and horse placenta references into the proceedings.
  • illiniman14: I wish Ian Darke would commentate my life

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

He may have been great in the World Cup but he's useless on ESPN if you have any interest in other games being played at the same time. I regularly watch three or four games every weekend from different channels. I watch one while the others record and then watch the recorded games. I've given up watching ESPN until I've seen all the other games because I can guarantee that Darke will open his big mouth about every single other score in the games he's not commentating on. I want to watch games, even on tape delay, without knowing what the score is. There's very little satisfaction in watching a game when you already know the score. I can watch Sky feeds and ITV feeds without their commentators feeling the obligation to open their big mouths and give away all the other scores, why does Darke have to do it. As far as I'm concerned ESPN should tell Darke to STFU or I'm going to stop watching their channel altogether. He may have appealed to the US in the World Cup but day to day he's not any better than any of the other main UK commentators and worse than many. He's certainly not worth ruining my weekend football entertainment for.