Friday, June 04, 2010

Get Ready for Everyone to be a Futbol expert

Every four years it happens, I know what your think, ""yes, I know the World Cup happens every four years,'' but that is not what I'm talking about. Every four years, people turn into soccer experts and talk like they know what a holding midfielder is.

As a person that loves the sports, this frustrates the hell out of me. During the last World Cup, I had to listen to people tell me about how great Ronaldinho was and how he might be the best player in the world, well thanks for the god damn news flash.

During the next six weeks, Joey Six Pack, that roots for the Jets, is going to tell me the importance of having quality wide players during the Portugal/Brazil game or that Ronaldo is a good player, ya thanks shit head I knew that cause he won the Champions League with my favorite club, ya they play soccer in between World Cups. I know not many people know that. Maybe some Guido will come up to me and tell me how good Italy is and how they are going to win. While the World Cup is great its hard to deal with this type of stuff.

So if you know nothing about the sport please don't give your two sense to anyone cause maybe you might be talking to someone who actually loves the game between World Cups.

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