Monday, May 03, 2010

Please Make it Stop

So on Saturday, my brother and I headed to Citizens Bank Park to see the Phillies and Mets. Besides seeing a great pitching performance by Roy Halladay, another thing stood out in my mind, why are so many girls with big sunglasses at the game.

During the game, two girls were sitting across the isle from us and both had on the trade mark huge sunglasses. The pair looked like they were headed to a club for a night rather then an afternoon baseball game. At one point during the game, in between text messages on their blackberrys, one girl kept putting on lip gloss like she was going to meet a couple of guys. I don't think that they watched the game for more then two minutes.

Then there were two other girls in our section that had tight mini-skirts on and heels and kept getting up, with one hand on their blackberry and the other hand on their beer, to walk around the stadium. If you asked the pair to explain what was going on, they would only be able to tell you that they are meeting their friends at a club after the game.

I know this rant sounds sexist, which in some ways it might, but their is a point. I'm not against girls going to baseball. I am against girls that treat the game like some type of club they go to on a Friday night. So true fans of the game that are girls are more then welcome to go, but girls that wear the big sunglasses and high heels to the games are not welcome.


Greg said...

That's not a gender-specific problem. In Baltimore, we saw some Red Sox fans (dudes) more interested in drinking and dancing to the tunes than watching the game. They even tried to get a wave going after it was clear that the Red Sox were going down in flames again.

Kelsey said...

Wow dude, Why does it matter?? they can do whatever they want. I don't see how this is affecting your life at all. They're not welcome by you,but then again...who the hell are you, and why should they care? by the way you're ranting, it seems you payed more attention to these girls than the actual game. So worry about yourself and not others. mmkay?