Sunday, May 23, 2010

Champions League Final = Main Stream Media Love

So Inter Milan showed yesterday that they were the best team in Europe with a beat down of Bayern Munich, but there was another winner beside Inter, main stream media love of the Champions League on twitter.

All during the final various media members and athletes were tweeting about how much the enjoyed the Super Bowl of European Soccer.
  • TonyBrunoShow: (Tony Bruno Radio Show) getting some sun in Arizona on a breezy and beautifuy day and watching my boys from Inter Milan win the UEFA...
  • OGOchoCinco (Chad Johnson) Wwwwwwooooowwwww #DIEGOMILITO again with 20 minutes to go, [gggggggggooooooooaaaaaallll
  • Andreahoops (NBA TV guy Andre Aldridge): Good to see Mario Balotelli celebrating with his Inter Milan teammates and the Trophy. He's seen and done a lot, but he's only 19.
I know that soccer has not topped the big four sports yet, but with showings like this its starting to make a big jump and with this World Cup its only going to get bigger.

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