Friday, April 30, 2010

I may have missed on this one

Last year I picked Blue Jay's outfielder Travis Snider to the win the American League Rookie of the year during predictions for my friends over at Sox and Phils. Wow I might have missed the boat on that one. Snider came into last season as one of the highest rated prospects in baseball.

Coming into last season, Baseball America ranked Snider sixth on their annual ranking of the best baseball prospects, moving him up five spots from the previous year's rankings. During his time in the Blue Jays system, Snider was praised for his quick, powerful swing from the left side of the plate and his mental and competitive make.

Things started off well for Snider and my prediction, Snider had a home run and double on Opening Day, 2009. He had his first two home run game on April 13, 2009 against the Minnesota Twins and became the youngest player in Blue Jays' history to hit two home runs in a game. But things started going south, Snider was sent back to Triple-A Las Vegas 51s in May, after a prolonged hitting slump, but was recalled by the Blue Jays in August, going on to hit a home run in his next at-bat. Last year he finished hitting .241 in 77 games.
This year has also been a struggle for Snider, so far this year in 20 games Snider is only hitting .147 with 3 home runs and 5 rbis in 68 at bats. If this continues it might not be too long before Snider is dropped as a prospect and moved on.

After the first game of last season, I thought I had hit a home run with Snider but now more then a year later it looks like I might have struck out.

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