Thursday, February 11, 2010

OTWT:Olympic Hockey Thoughts

A couple of months ago, the United States shocked the world and went into Canada and beat the Canadians to win the World Junior Championships. Now the Canadians might have their shot at revenge as they get ready to host the Olympics. The Olympic hockey tournament is one of my favorites events, the tournament is played at such a high level its amazing. After breaking down the teams and the watching countless games this year, here are OTWT predication for the best hockey tournament in the world

Gold: Russia: Geno and Ovie can you name more dynamic players in the world. The thing about the duo is that they do not care about the crowd, they love playing in tough places.

Silver: Canada: They might have the best team on paper, but what is going to happen when something goes wrong will the crowd turn on them or will they be supportive. The Canadians were heavy favorites to win the WJC and fell in the final. I have a feeling that this might be more of the same.

Bronze: Sweden: The Sedin twins and Backstrom what more could you ask for. People forget that they are the defending champs and the champs until someone knocks them out.

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