Saturday, December 19, 2009

Would it be the right move?

The rumor wheel has been spinning in college football this week. One of the largest rumors floating around is about the Big Ten expanding to 12 teams and then being allowed to play a conference champions game in college football, which is a cash cow.

Among the schools that have been mentioned for the expansion are Missouri, Pitt, Cuse, and Rutgers. As a Rutgers season ticket holder the idea of being in the Big Ten is both exciting and scary.

Sure seeing Michigan, Ohio State and Penn State make trips to Rutgers Stadium will be exciting and a ton of fun.

But the negative is this question: Is the Rutgers football program ready to play at that level? If they go to the Big Ten fans can forget about seeing a BCS Game for a while if they stay in the Big East there is that chance in the next couple of years they could be in a BCS games. If they head to Big Ten Rutgers might be group with Minnesota and Indiana teams that struggle with the rigors of the conference.

The decision to move to the Big Ten , if the offer is made, will not be made just on football. The AD will have to look at other sports and see how they will fit in their new conference.

If the offer is made they have to take it but if that happens people can not get mad when the results are not the same for the football program. Hey, if they make the switch, there is always the dream of Rutgers in the Rose Bowl.
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