Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Some NFL owners care more about the Premier League

The Bucs and Browns are a combined 1-14 this season, while across the pond Manchester United stands second and Aston Villa stands eight in the Premier League standings.
I know what some people are thinking, what is the connections between the four teams. The connections is simple The Browns and Aston Villa are owned by Randy Lerner, while the Bucs and Manchester United are owned by Malcolm Glazer (pictured right).

Both owners bought their Premier League clubs a couple of years ago under different circumstances. Lerner was hailed as a hero after taking over the club from Doug Ellis, while the Glazer family was hailed as villians for buying United. But both men have been turned into good owners in England and terrible owners of their NFL teams.
In England, both men let the soccer people run their clubs. At Villa, Lerner has Martin O'Neil. O'Neil is a soccer man and makes all of the decissions on trasnfers and any other on the pitch related decissions. While at United, the Glazer family has Sir Alex. Sir Alex rules United, he does everythign froom pick the players to picking the food at the training center.

Both owners are hands off in England, but in American its a different story. With the Brown, their is no clear figure head. Just this week the Lerner fired the general manager and it looks like their first year coach could soon be on his way out. While in Tampa, its also a complete mess. The head coach is two years older then me, their is no qb and nothing really to look forward to.
Maybe both owners should do what they are doing in England and have football people run the show and stay away from the action. One of the reasons that this works across the pond is because owners know very little about the soccer, but over here its a different story, both think that they know what is right. Maybe they should take a hands off approach and see what happens. In Philly the hands off approach of owner Jeffrey Lurie, seems to have worked very well for the Birds over the last decade. Maybe both owners should put their egos in check and do this.

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