Thursday, November 19, 2009

Coaches vs Cancer Notebook

Thanks to wonders of modern technology I'm filing my Coaches vs Cancer notebook from the train leaving the event. Technology is a great thing right. Now on to the notebook.

Game 1 Cuse vs Cal
• 1:08 into the game Triche heads to the bench for Jardine. Quick hook for freshman.
• Cuse might be better with Scoop at the point then the freshman. Team moves better with him in the lineup.
• Wes Johnson might be the most athletic player Jimmy has ever had at the 'Cuse and a one and done.
• I think this Cuse team might be better then last years.
• The biggest issue with Cal is that they need a third scorer to take the pressure off Randle and Christopher.

Game 2 UNC vs. OSU
• Ohio State is so small on the back line they are going to have trouble rebounding all year.
• Jon Henson is skinny on tv but he is really skinny in person. Show that kid a cheese burger.
• The PA got one of the Wear twins mixed up have to love that.
• The lack of outside shooting is going to continue to haunt the Heels. Guard plays wins in March and right now they lack that.
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