Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Why Not

During the past week, people from all over the spectrum have been weighing in on Rush Limbaugh joining a group that features former Knicks executive Dave Checketts to purchase the St. Louis Rams. Many have said allowing Rush to be part of the ownership would be a terrible move for the NFL, but I on the other hand say why not.

Al Sharpton was on Morning Joe this morning saying that he has not right to own a team. His comments are below

Here is the deal, you do not have to like the owner of your team. All the owner has to do is field a team that wins and the fan base could careless what the ownership group stands for. People are talking about ownership groups like they are saints and that is not true at all. Take a look at Al Davis and he has his black marks as a person and everyone says that is just Al being all. Sure Rush's views are the not the popular ones, but would that mean that he could not own a team, I don't think so.

Sure will some players say no to playing for the Rams because Rush is part of the ownership group yes, but that does not mean that he can not be part of an ownership group that wants to purchase the team. That is a separate issues itself.
Under the proposal I don't think that Rush will be the face of the ownership group, that is going to be Checketts, but if he is just going to be a money person in the deal why not.

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