Friday, September 11, 2009

Please be Patient, Its going to be a fun ride

If there is at all a silver lining the Rutgers' opening day loss to Cincinnati it was the play of true freshman QB Tom Savage. After being build as the biggest recruit in the history of the school, the true freshman from Philly showed the crowd what they have to look forward to for the next four years.

His performance made the coaching staff notice and the gave the reigns to offense for their upcoming game against Howard on Saturday. All fans in the stadium on Monday were asking for the Golden Boy to take the field and we all now have our wish.

While its hard to predict his performance because he is so young, one thing is for certain its going to be bumpy ride. There are going to be times where, as fans, we are going to go nuts about a throw Savage makes or a decision he makes, but there are going to times where fans are going to look around and go "what was he thinking.'' In order to play Savage, us as fans have to realize that he is in no way the finished product and we have to be patients. So as a season ticket holder I'm asking my fellow season tickets holder to please don't boo the Golden Boy, let me develop and lead this program into the future.

Its going to be a fun ride, so everyone please buckle up.

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