Thursday, September 03, 2009

The Chelski Transfer Effect

Fifa ruling against Chelski today could have far reaching economic ramifications on the football world in the coming years.

Chelski are banned from signing any new players until 2011 after they were found guilty of illegally inducing a French youth international to sign in 2007. The ruling from Fifa's Dispute Resolution Chamber also banned the 18-year-old attacking midfielder GaĆ«l Kakuta (pictured above), considered the cream of the club's academy talent, for four months and fined him €780,000 (£681,000).

The ruling will not only make it hard for the Chelski to rebuild their aging squad but it will have a negative impact on the economy of football. By banning Chelski from signing any new players until 2011, it will take one of the footballs real money team out of the equations. Teams like Lens, Blackburn, Wigan, and various other count on teams like Chelski, Real Madrid, and Inter to buy their up and coming players for inflated transfer fees to stay competitive. Since 2003, Chelski has spent approximately 600 million pound on players.

With football continuing to feel the effect of the world's struggling economy taking another one of the big transfer out of the equation might spell doom for some. If you look around the transfer market this year the only large spenders where Real, Manchester City, Barca, and Liverpool. While Chelski might not have spent a ton they are always willing to.

While I'm not saying that they do not deserve to be punished for their action, I have this feeling that FIFA did not do their full home work in looking at the effect that this ruling will have on teams that count on transfer fees from big clubs to stay competitive.

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