Sunday, June 14, 2009

The Best News for a Nationals Fan

You know your season is bad when excitement comes when a high school sophomore decides to go to junior college in order to be eligible for the 2010, well that is how bad it is. The Nats currently have a nine game lead in the race for the 2010 #1 pick, according to ESPN Keith Law. Around the country Nats fans rejoiced when word came from Nevada that SI Cover boy Bryce Harper decide to leave Las Vegas High School and enroll at College at Southern Nevada. So you are asking why Nats fan care, well because junior college players are eligible for the draft after one season. Harper has been hailed as a once in a lifetime type of prospects. He hits 500 feet home runs, throws left hand and hits 95 on the gun he is a organizations dream.

If Harper was not available, the #1 overall pick becomes a little less valuable with North Carolina pitcher Matt Harvey being the top choice. Harvey is an ok starting pitchers but he is no where in the class of this years #1 San Diego State pitcher Steven Strasburg.

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