Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Show some class Rafa

Tradition has it that the second place manager in the EPL pens a letter of congratulation to the championship winning manager. Sir Alex had to send it to Wenger and Jose.

Wenger had to send it to Sir Alex. It just part of the deal.

But now based on his war of words with Sir Alex, Rafa Benitez has all but refused to send the ceremonial letter to Sir Alex. He said he does not agree with what the ole Scot has had to say during the season.

I know some people at Liverpool don't even like Rafa but this has gone far enough. I know Rafa will go on and on about how his side had the best record against the other top side. But the fact is that the Spanish manager did not get job done and now has to do what is right and write a letter to Sir Alex. So its time for Rafa to grow up and show some respect.

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