Sunday, May 24, 2009

OTWT: Preseason College Football Top Five

All of the spring games are over, the draft has been completed so that can mean only one thing let's look ahead to next years college football season.
1. Florida: So last years champions returns Jesus, Tebow; and most of a super defense. Wow this does not set up for a repeat.
2. Oklahoma: All of there key offensive players decided to take another run at the title after being beaten by the Gators in the BCS Title game in Miami.
3.Texas: Left out of the party last year, the Horns have all of the pieces that are need to be playing in the final game of the season.
4. USC: Sure they have to replace most of their defense but they just keep recruiting high school All Americans, so it should not be that big a deal.
5. Penn State: Sure they lost all of their receivers but with a week non-conference schedule it should be easy for the Nittany Lions to still be playing in January.

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