Sunday, April 19, 2009

The Dream Dies

At some point Sir Alex was going to have to make a decision on what was going to be more important defending the League and Champions League title or trying to add the FA Cup to the cabinet.

Today we found that answer out as Fergie did what he had to do and picked a youth side to face Everton in the FA Cup semifinal, which they loss on penalties.

Rooney, Ronnie, and Carrick were all left at home after getting the job done earlier in the week at Porto. Fergie had to rest them at some point and he was not going to do it in a league game with Liverpool breathing down their necks. So this was the perfect chance. Now the stars will have a full week off before playing Portsmouth on Wednesday.

I know the English press is going to kill him for playing the kids but he had to and its not like the kids were poor at times the kids gave the Everton first team all they can handle. So while the dream of winning everything is over , if they retain the two biggest trophies in the sport, his move to play the kids will be hailed as the right one.

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