Wednesday, March 11, 2009

UConn vs. North Carolina in the Second Round of the NCAA Tournament?

With Selection Sunday only a couple of days aways and last weekend being the quarterfinals of the FA Cup, it got me to thinking. How fun would the NCAA Tournament be if it was held in a blind draw like the FA Cup.

For almost a decade, the selection show has been a national institution everyone goes around talking about the last four teams in and the last four teams out, now we could extend that process for a couple of hours.

The format is easy for the draw is easy, each team is given a number that is then put on the ping pong ball and put in a pot, a presenter then picks the ball out of pot and reads the number and then you find out the team.

"The draw for each round, performed by drawing numbered balls from a bag, is a source of great interest to clubs and their supporters, and is broadcast live on television. Sometimes two top clubs may be drawn against each other in the early rounds, removing the possibility of them meeting in the final. Lower-ranked clubs with reputations as 'giant-killers' look forward to meeting a top team at home, although in some cases the expense of providing policing for a game can outweigh any financial windfall from larger crowds. Mid-ranked teams hope for a draw against a peer to improve their chances of reaching future rounds. Top-ranked teams look for easy opposition, but have to be on their guard against a lower team with ambitions. The draw was once broadcast from a television studio, and was done by officials of the Football Association. By 2007 it had become a public event.,'' according to Wikipedia.
So say North Carolina has ball number one and UConn has number two, they could be draw in the first round, second round, or even the regional semi-finals. After each round of completed games the ping pong ball draw would then be completed.

I know what people are saying wow that is not fair, but lets go back to last year's FA Cup when Arsenal were drawn against Manchester United in the fourth round of the Cup. Sure sometimes it could be bad deal and give you a Cardiff vs. Portsmouth final, but the drama of the draw might be something to behold. I'm not saying that would should change anything about the tournament but with all of the talking heads talking about how to change the dance let's just make it a little more interesting.

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